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Archive for May, 2012

Meet Devorah England

Executive Director & Co-Founder

Wounded Warriors-Sons and Daughters of America  

(and grandma extraordinaire!!)

Just a part of Devorah's beautiful and growing family!

Devorah England is, first and foremost, the mother of four children and was the wife of Rod England before he passed in 2010.  Devorah and her husband Rod co-founded Wounded Warriors – Son and Daughters of America in 2004 after their oldest son was severely-injured in Iraq.

Because of Robert’s injuries and Rod’s battle with cancer, Devorah spent several years researching and putting into practice her knowledge of a organic fresh and raw diet. During this time Devorah was also introduced to high quality food grade essential oils, and has used them extensively.

Devorah spent months of time helping Robert in his recovery from his injuries.  (Got to our Heroes page for more of Robert’s story.) As she spent time with Robert, and with families of other wounded military, she became very knowledgeable in the whole subject of trauma and injuries, both mental and physical.

After Rod passed away in February of 2010, Devorah spent the next two years doing extensive research on PTSD, the causes and treatments.  Realizing during this time that she was on her own healing journey, Devorah experienced holistic and  alternative therapies.  These treatments include the “Mechaseh” or calming rooms used in Shiloh, Israel, and elsewhere for the Israel Defense Force in Israel, and also the Synchronicity Wave System presented to her by Dr. Chris Kauffman from Bayfield, Colorado.  Being able to experience the Synchronicity System not only helped with the trauma of Rod’s passing but also helped with headaches caused by a brain injury suffered by Devorah years earlier.

Devorah has served in various professional capacities and started her multi-faceted career with a degree in Computer Information Systems and Business Programming. She functioned as an office administrator for manufacturing companies and a laser programmer for Coors Ceramics in the past. Between 2000 and 2010 Devorah was also a Certified Traffic Control Supervisor(TCS) on Federal, State and local levels.  Devorah was responsible for the safety programs for road construction projects throughout Colorado.  As a TCS Devorah was responsible for all safety issues for the traveling public, her own flagging employees and the construction crew.  Devorah supervised and provided the documentation for safety procedures needed for each project.   In August of 2010 Devorah resigned her position to become the full time care giver for her husband Rod.

Devorah’s home life has always been spent in the outdoors with her farm animals. Always looking for organic fresh food for Rod and Robert, the farm life opened the doors for the use of a variety of different animals.  Devorah and Rod raised goats for milking and lambs for meat.  They also had chickens for fresh eggs and horses for long therapeutic rides together.  The two Great White Pyrenees were great guard dogs for all the livestock and loyal companions to Devorah and Rod.

(Taken the day of our video shoot.) If you haven't seen our video already, please take six minutes of your life to better understand our cause. Go to video page and enjoy!

In the last two years Devorah has seen and experienced many things that have brought clarity for the goals of the Wounded Warriors – SAD Restoration Center.  Devorah firmly believes that God has brought her though these circumstances and to these places of learning so that she can help others in their healing process.

As Devorah will humbly tell you, “The program for the Wounded Warriors – SAD  Restoration Center has been in development for many years.” Her experiences have only served to prepare her for such a time as this. It is time to create a specifically dedicated healing retreat for our wounded sons and daughters.


Big thanks for including Wounded Warriors-Sons & Daughers of America in your Memorial Day coverage. We, along with you, hope that this coverage will be a blessing to the wounded and their families that we will serve.


Big thanks to KREX-TV in Grand Junction for giving us some time on the news this past Memorial Day. As Kalvin was out remembering and honoring the sacrifices of those who have gone before and publicizing the present-day work of Wounded Warriors – Sons and Daughters of America for our wounded veterans, astute KREX reporters grabbed him for this interview:

Click here to view the video

You can also check this out anytime on our Videos page. Share this with your friends!


Soldiers attending to serious wounds in Iraq. We must pause to remember our servicemen and women's sacrifices.

As Devorah and Kalvin are out and about promoting the vision of the Wounded Warriors – SAD Restoration Center they’ve found a common thread. So many veterans and family members alike are saying that they wish that there had been something like that for them when they returned from combat. There is almost no one untouched by the effects of war in this nation, and the need for our work is great!

Countless families and relationships have suffered the consequences of the loss of loved ones, or a returning warrior whose silent wounds have scarred their persona and ability to relate to those around them. We seek to work in the effort to restore lives and support families in their journey of healing.

Click here to watch an awesome Memorial Day Tribute. As you watch, consider how you can serve.

We salute those who gave the ultimate sacrifice.

We remember those who have braved many terrors to serve their country.

We honor those whose sacrifices have dealt them personal blows.

We are grateful for those who poured out blood, sweat, and tears on the field of battle.

Please pray for our troops on the ground and those wounded warriors returning who desperately need to heal.

It is our turn to serve our wounded.

Join the cause and donate funds, time, energy & prayers to this project!


KJCT8-News blessed our organization today with helping to get the word out about our cause. Thanks KJCT8 for your service to our wounded warriors.

Click here to see the footage.

Here’s the story they posted on their site:

GRAND JUNCTION, Colo., – A nationally recognized non profit has kicked off a fundraiser to help fund a local wellness center for veterans who suffer from Post Traumatic Stress Disorder.


The Wounded Warriors-Sons And Daughters of America is hoping to raise enough money to secure a facility for veterans and their families to come to in Crawford and receive a much deserved healing retreat. Therapies will include group therapy, safe-haven rooms, equine therapy, massage therapy, and numerous wellness technologies.


“Soldiers give all of themselves. Their time, their energy. They answer the call that was asked of them to go and defend our country. The question is why aren’t we doing this, why don’t we have a facility like this now to be able to house them and be able to say thank you for all that you’ve done,” WW-SAD program coordinator Kalvin Evans said.


The fundraising goal for WW-SAD is an initial $3,000,000 for the property, remodel, programs and staffing.


The non profit is hoping to launch the program in January of next year, but if they do not raise the money by June 20th the property will go to auction.



This week has been busy with lots of desk work and it was great to get out into the local area to promote the vision. Every visit with local & national government and VA authorities yielded great advice, contacts, and excitement for the project. Here’s an overview of the day (May 23,2012) :

Senator Mark Udall's representatives were so excited about the project. They quickly grasped what this healing retreat will do for our wounded and their families and they believe that it is good for Colorado.

Talking with Senator Udall’s representatives was especially exciting because they really got the scope of the project. There is not to our knowledge a wellness retreat center dedicated to supporting our Wounded Warriors and their families. They were empathetic to the need. Jerry Oetero, Udall’s representative, could not emphasize enough his excitement for this project to be up and running yesterday.  We are so grateful for their solid support to help us identify more grants to further our fund-raising momentum. Thanks to Senator Udall for having such quality people on his team and supporting our troops. It was clear that they were not willing to just talk a good game. They wanted to get involved in the project.

We so appreciate the specific help that Congressman Scott Tipton's talented staff brought to the forefront. This is an effort that will truly take a team.

Devorah also swung by Congressman Scott Tipton’s office. Richard Schoenradt, Tipton’s field representative, put his support squarely behind what he called “a great endeavor.” Contacts and advice flowed freely. We are so appreciative of these efforts to come alongside and help us to support our wounded in their healing journey. Thanks to Congressman Tipton and his staff for their enthusiasm and for supporting us with tangible actions.

Devorah England,  our  Exucutive Director  also stopped by MBC Grand Broadcasting, Inc. in Grand Junction to get our advertising and promotional efforts together for Memorial Day weekend and beyond.  She also spent time with a local accountant who is willing to work with us with his connections for specific fundraising efforts.

Devorah spent some time at the VA in Grand Junction and were rewarded with a plethora of local contacts: those who need our services and those who will come alongside and support the formation of the Wounded Warrior – SAD Restoration Center.



They will come.

Devorah, WW-SAD executive director, walked the property with one of the members of the WW-SAD board,  Sgt Daniel Carpenter, who was discharged honorably with a full array of combat injuries in 2009. Daniel was so excited to envision himself and his family enjoying the retreat center. He could easily look forward to the day when he and his kids will fish in the river, ride horses, attend different therapies, sit around the bonfire telling stories and kick back on the deck with some green smoothies. Yum.

We shared some bittersweet moments and we all laughed and cried together as he told us the stories of his time in service; some of  his and his family’s sacrifices; and some of the traumatic ordeal of dealing with PTSD. We took video of these conversations so that you can join in and learn more about how this will impact our combat wounded and their families. Look for them on the website in the weeks to come.

Daniel will tell you that he is not one to seek the limelight and it was difficult for him to talk about his experiences on camera. Yet, he sacrificed his time and poured out his heart so that others could understand the immense need for the work that we are trying to do here at WW-SAD.

He even shared that he and a combat buddy had spent time in Iraq dreaming about a place “just like this.” …a place that they could be safe and share a sacred healing space while surrounded by others who share the common bond of combat. He wept as he shared that this friend had committed suicide because of the difficulty with coping with PTSD and other combat-related injuries. He wondered if the outcome would have been different if he could have come to the Wounded Warrior-SAD Health Retreat.

Daniel shared from his heart about how he understood what his friend was going through. He’d thought of suicide many times himself and has been able to overcome because of his counselling and other treatments. He also shared that there was hope. That he had hope to get better, maybe even be able to help others heal someday. He sees his work with Wounded Warrior-SAD Health Retreat and his chance to experience it with his own family as a part of the redemption that he needs to heal from and cope with his injuries.

He can’t wait to be one of the first families to attend the retreat center for adventures, fun, camraderie, wellness treatments and lots of smoothies! (YUM!)

Our goal is to offer fresh and delicious healthy foods that our wounded veterans and their families are sure to love!

We just returned from an exciting day of strategizing and working towards the fulfillment of the vision. Website, fundraising meetings, grants, real estate deals… so many details, so much work… but all so worth it. There is so much excitement building as we work to fulfill the mission of Wounded Warriors: SAD. People in the community are so excited. Everything is supposed to be hush-hush, but community members are coming out of the woodwork to volunteer, support, and help fund-raise.


This is the "honor roll" painted on the side of a restaurant in the center of Crawford, detailing hundreds of those who served in World War II.

Here's the plaque detailing the honorable service of these men. This community will surely honor our wounded as they come to the WW-SAD Health Retreat

We are proud to become  a part of a beautiful community with such a rich heritage of service to their country. Crawford, Colorado is a piece of America that many people think existed in the fictional past. The people there are dedicated to freedom and service. Our hope is that the Wounded Warriors Health Retreat is a bright shining star in their midst.


Orange County Choppers, made famous by the show on Discovery Channel, has agreed to build us a bike to help us raise funds for our Wounded Warriors SAD Retreat Center.

You gotta love these guys!

Only problem so far: We need a donor to finance the bike.

The plan is to raffle off the bike and ride the bike across the US as a promotional and fund-raising tool.

Dream with us, what would you like to see in the Wounded Warriors: Sons & Daughters of America custom motorcycle?


What If?

Wounded Warriors-Sons & Daughters of America (WW-SAD) has been busy for most of the last 8 years providing financial assistance to America’s wounded as they make the transition from active duty service through convalescence and to their eventual place in society. It is not uncommon for many of these families to become financially disadvantaged during this process.

Unbelievably, soldiers who are medically discharged are not provided with a living stipend, and generally wait 6-12 months before receiving disability checks, causing tremendous hardship for these soldiers and their families.  During this time, most soldiers face mounting bills, risk of losing their homes, their transportation and – sadly – their family’s way of life.  It is during this period that the efforts of Wounded Warriors matter most.
So, our vision has expanded to not just include meeting financial needs, but we know that there is so much to be done to facilitate physical, emotional, and social healing. As our organization has worked hard to meet the financial needs of our wounded servicemen, servicewomen and their families, we’ve noted a profound need for deep healing from PTSD and other war-time related disorders. Today in the United States twenty to thirty percent of our servicemen and women are returning home annually with combat related PTSD.
  • America’s wounded and their families had a retreat center dedicated to restoration therapies and wellness strategies?
  • The staff and volunteers at this facility were caring and empathetic offering a safe space to heal?
  • This retreat were located in unparalleled natural beauty and brought people’s hearts and spirits back to the land?
  • There was ongoing outreach to follow-up and bring families back to continue their healing journey?
We believe we’ve located the perfect spot for this “what if” in beautiful northwestern Colorado.

As you continue to tune in to this blog, you’ll find that we are passionate about helping our wounded get from frenetic to fine. PTSD affects the very core of an individual.

The Military PTSD Ribbon: Remember our military who have served honorably in combat . Many of those returning come bearing the inner scars of PTSD.

We found this great video today that details some of the effects of PTSD. We’ll be posting more on this site because we all need to know how to reach out and make a difference when it comes to PTSD. How many of us have neighbors who have returned from serving our country in combat? We need to understand them so that we can come alongside and support. They gave of themselves to protect our freedoms and now we can return the favor. Click here to watch this video to learn more about the invisible effects of war:

Remember, for our wounded warriors “FINE is a journey.” Getting to fine takes daily perseverance and family and friends who come alongside.  That’s what we here at WW-SAD aspire to do in a year-round retreat setting. More info to come.