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Archive for June, 2012

Meet Ronie Kendig, who has turned her passion for wounded warriors and their healing into a stellar book series titled "Discarded Heroes"


Ronie Kendig, who writes self-proclaimed “rapid-fire fiction” has written some amazing books that will really be a help to veterans and their families who are seeking to heal from the aftermath of combat. Kalvin Evans, our program director, has read the first three and highly recommends them to wounded warriors who like to read as a way to process their experiences.

We here at Wounded Warriors – Sons and Daughters of America strongly believe that facilitating a healing journey means that we use whatever high quality tool that comes our way and these books are incredibly insightful and fun to read!

Ronie Kendig has done a stellar job in her “Discarded Heroes” series to tell the stories that need to be told. They will not only help many understand what it is like for those suffering from PTSD, TBI, and other war-related injuries, but they will give hope to those who are experiencing the injuries first-hand.

Check out her site for more info and to purchase her books:

Click here for Ronie Kendig’s bio.



In our research of other programs, several other non-profits have encouraged us to start small and build our way up. Great logic, right? It’s the American way. You start with the hot dog cart on the corner and years later, your restaurants are franchised all over the country. It’s how you do a good thing. We get that paradigm.

But, for us, this is not the right thing to do in this instance. We mean no disrespect to the stated mission of other organizations, but here’s the nitty gritty on this one.

Nobody asked these guys if there were willing to start small and build up to something big. They are expected to put their lives on the line every day.

What message are we sending our vets? We are all aware of the multi-million dollar playgrounds that exist all over the world for the privileged upper classes. What message do our vets receive when they attend a weekend event at a campground? They enjoy it. It’s fulfilling. It’s wonderful to be singled out for special care and recognition. No complaints here. It’s a good thing. But…

Our vision demands us to create a dedicated program lodged in a dedicated space. A place that isn’t going anywhere. A place that isn’t threatened by funding cuts or foreclosure. This place is committed to staying and performing it’s mission and creating an ongoing relationship with those that we serve. Many of our wounded warriors were wounded because they didn’t run from the conflict, they stayed in place and put themselves in harm’s way in order to complete their mission. They deserve this same treatment from us.

Imagine what it would feel like for a wounded warrior and their family to enter a beautiful place that had been set aside for them, and them alone. A place that was designed, engineered, and planned with them and their family’s specific needs in mind. At a dedicated environmental education center located on the Chesapeake Bay in Maryland,  its founder, John Erickson, had the same goal in mind. The facility was designed to impress. It’s programs were top-notch. The  inner-city school kids and teachers alike were dumb-founded to realize that someone had gone to all this trouble for them.  For many of these kids, they experienced hope and a turning point in their lives because of their time spent in such beautiful and dedicated surroundings.

Wounded warriors and their families will experience some of the most beautiful areas of Colorado on their healing retreat at the Wounded Warrior Restoration Center.

Dedicated. Our combat veterans have proved their dedication. It’s our turn now. Please help us fulfill this big vision which will have big results in the lives of our wounded warriors and their families. Donate now or contact us with your ideas to help.

Our thanks goes out to Larry Kontour, the District 11 Commander of the American Legion unit located in Crawford, Colorado, for carrying the torch for Wounded Warriors – Sons & Daughters of America all the way to the state meeting on June 30th!

He’ll be presenting our video and explaining about where we are and where we are going. Our hope is that this opens up many opportunities for presentations and for those who’ve gone before to pour donations of resources back into the next generations of warriors returning home in need of healing.

Wounded Warriors – Sons and Daughters of America thank you for your service, Larry, and we thank your fellow American Legion members for their ongoing service to the community. You are truly making a huge difference in the lives of many people!


What more can be said here?

Let me just say it again:  JULY 15th IS OUR CLOSING DATE!

We need your help to secure this property so that we can move forward with preparing the property and programming for our wounded combat veterans and their families.

We are committed to bringing $2.4 million to the table in just a few weeks. We have a ways to go. Grants have been applied for, presentations made, presentations scheduled and more grants to go. This is a grassroots effort as well. Can you come alongside? Can you donate of your resources and time? Can you pray for the miracles that are needed to see this vision come to fruition?

Thanks for your help! Our wounded servicemen and servicewomen and their families deserve a place to come and be served. Be a part of the vision.

They chose to serve….


Many people have heard of the children’s book series, “A Series of Unfortunate Events.” What we expect here at Wounded Warriors – Sons & Daughters of America are a series of inspired and amazing miracles. Our mission demands this.

It’s not just the fundraising or program development. It’s definitely not just the renovations or staff development. Yes, all of these are miracles. What we keep in mind as our driving force is that we expect a series of miracles when the Wounded Warriors Restoration Center is open. These miracles will take place in the lives of wounded combat veterans and their families. We challenge you to remember that everything that you give whether it be your prayers, time, or money make you a part of these miracles.

This is a challenge because completing a vision takes risk. It takes braving the HUGE possibility of failure. It takes the ability to see the many opportunities along the way.

Many of the wounded combat veterans that we meet want to believe that the Wounded Warriors Restoration Center will become a reality. We join them in this belief.

This hope that we have in our vision takes faith. Faith is the substance of things hoped for and the evidence of things not seen. We see our work rescuing lives. We see our work restoring families. We see our work helping wounded servicemen and women understand their importance to society and to their families. We see our work restoring a sense of destiny and purpose to lives broken by the effects of combat.

Fulfilling this vision takes momentum. It will occur by many people becoming involved in every step of the way. Our mission now is to build the Restoration Center and raise the funds to be debt free as we purchase the land and make renovations. You can be a part of that miracle. Please pray and please consider donating to the cause.


We here at Wounded Warriors – Sons and Daughters of America want you to know that, with us, sometimes silence means that we are incredibly busy with the incredible mission that we’ve been presented with.

BUSY SIGNAL! So, we've been supremely busy this week and have wonderful things to report. Stay tuned next week for many exciting developments!

There is so much to report. Next week, the news will be flying hot off the press day after day.

We appreciate your prayers. So much is going on and we need the wisdom to navigate each blessing and each challenge successfully.


Wounded Warriors – SAD’s  first Open House just a few weeks ago was all about meeting great people. We’d like to introduce you to just one of them right now:

Lydia DeLaRosa, MS, is a local representative for Homes for All Veterans. She is passionate about all veteran’s causes and truly loves what she does. We are excited about collaborating with her as we work on the mission of the Wounded Warrior Restoration Center.

Homelessness is just one of the unfortunate side effects of returning home wounded from service to one's country. Lydia works on the front lines to battle this problem.

If you are a veteran and need help with your housing situation, she would be a great place to start. Here’s her contact information:



Many times in life when there is something worth doing it can be a lot like the growth of Chinese bamboo.

Do you know how long it takes Chinese bamboo to grow? It’s about five years for it to grow around sixty feet. I know that may not seem impressive. But, consider this: It doesn’t seem to grow at all for the first four years. Imagine watering a tiny sprout for four years.


Do we have the patience to follow through on a vision when it seems that nothing is happening?


Click Here to watch this beautiful and inspiring video for more insight into this phenomenon. (Runtime: 2:41)

So, here’s our thought process. There is a reason that wounded military veterans and their families cannot simply come to the Wounded Warrior’s Restoration Center for a week’s retreat and then never come alongside them again. We are entering into process with these individuals and their families. We will follow-up one week after their initial experience, and then reach out to them on a monthly basis. They will be invited to return as alumni. This is an investment in people’s lives- not a quick fix 5-step program.

Devorah England, our Executive Director, is emphatic about this part of our programming. There is no quick fix involved in healing from the effects of war. Our follow-up process will be synonymous with the watering, fertilizing, and care needed for the growth of bamboo. Even if immediate results are not seemingly visible, they will come after careful tending. Our work is meant to be deep and life changing.

If bamboo takes four years to form its extensive root system, what does it take for a human being to heal and change their life?






This was just one of the many questions posed at Wounded Warriors – Sons and Daughters  first Open House on June 12, 2012. A delightful little girl stood up and asked  this question because she was so excited about  our desire to offer different types of animal therapy.

Wish you could have looked into her eyes as she related her own personal experience with her hamster, Buddy. She shared that she was sick and just so very unhappy. “I went over to see him, and I just picked him up and I cuddled with him. I was like, ‘Buddy!’  I felt so much better!”

Even hamsters (like Buddy) have much to give in the way of love.

She shared that we really needed small animals for the kids to cuddle with when they come with their families.  We at Wounded Warriors – Sons and Daughters consider this to be important, that  rabbits and other small animals are definitely in order.


Just a note of thanks to the many community leaders, families, and wonderful people who came out to the Wounded Warriors – SAD Restoration Center open house this past Tuesday evening. We are overwhelmed by the support and interest.

Thank you  for finding out what is getting ready to happen at the Wounded Warriors Restoration Center and for investing in our wounded military veterans and their families’ cause.

We are so grateful that we have been called to this community and so appreciate the many offers to volunteer and come alongside with donations of money, time, energy, and most of all, LOVE!