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Archive for June, 2012

Huge thanks to KREX-TV News Channel 5 for continuing to follow our story. Can't wait for them to come out on Opening Day!

Wounded Warriors – SAD’s   Open House on June 12th was a wonderful success because of all the wonderful people who attended, caught the vision, and pledged their support! Kalvin and Devorah spent hours on the 13th following up with the many attendees and leads from the evening.

Click here to view the coverage and read the article produced by the wonderful team at KREX-TV.

Where are you planning to go for vacation this year? A quiet Caribbean beach? Perhaps Disney with the kids? How about an adventure in the mountains?

Do you realize that for many servicemen and women that vacation becomes a word that holds no meaning for them?

All expenses paid, luxury accommodations, and transportation to the hospital. Surely our wounded combat veterans deserve something better!

How can this be? Long deployments, limited finances, and stressful reintegration back to their home life. All of these factors add to a long list of reasons why vacation may seem to be just beyond their reach.

Let’s add an injury or wound to the mix, shall we? How easy is it to go on vacation with someone who is having trouble dealing with reality? How easy is it to “get away from it all” when you can’t hold down a job because of your Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI) or Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD)? How easy is it to adjust to a non-handicapped world?

What if the most relaxing time that you’d had in the recent past was an extended stay in the hospital?

Can you see why we are so passionate about what we will be doing at the Wounded Warriors Restoration Center?

We’ll be offering families the chance to come and focus on healing while on an all-expenses paid vacation in the beautiful Rocky Mountains. They’ll experience healthy spa food, holistic therapies, adventures, all-out fun and a chance to breathe deep. This is the vision, and it will make a healing impact that will affect this generation and generations to come.

Please consider partnering with us to help many wounded servicemen, servicewomen and their families enjoy the time of their lives. Click on the Contributions button on your left to get started now.

This '80's cartoon's theme song included lines like these: "He never gives up, He'll stay till the fight 's won. G.I. JOE is there!

I was born in 1972. When people in my generation were young, many of us would come inside from play and watch the cartoon,”GI Joe.” The show was a sterilized cartoon depiction of war and the good guys always won and never seemed to be affected by the weaponry, explosions, and destruction that make up the heart and soul of war. It’s easy to see why. Did the good guys ever die? No.  Did the bad guys ever bleed? No. Were non-combatants ever in the way? No. Did any of the heroes ever suffer from PTSD? No. One thousand times, No.

Unfortunately, real war is not this clinical. There is real blood. The military member that is wounded either physically or emotionally cannot just jump back up and start fighting in the next episode as if nothing ever happened. At times, we have an improper expectation of our servicemen and women. We expect them to never give up and never surrender. This is one of the reasons that we have a stigma that is associated with PTSD.

Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. Yes, even the name has a stigma attached to it. It’s a disorder not an injury. “GI Joe never had PTSD, and neither should you recruit! Suck it up and get back out there!”

So many of our military who have served honorably fear coming forward with their symptoms of PTSD because they assume that they will be looked down upon and given little room for advancement. We’ve spoken with many who attempted to mask their symptoms even while their lives were falling apart at the seams.  Some of these individuals came forward and had to deal with the painful stigma of PTSD.

One former military member, Ron Capps, commented on this phenomenon in Time magazine’s blog recently:  ”Here’s the rub. It is entirely honorable to be wounded in the service of one’s country, but Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder is seen as breaking under the stress of combat or as a pre-existing condition. Some service members view PTSD as weakness. The services apparently do as well: a blood-and-bone wound, or a Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI), warrants award of the Purple Heart medal; no Purple Heart medal is authorized for PTSD. Importantly, PTSD is caused by some outside influence, not—as in all other mental health illness—something internal. The trauma that brings on PTSD changes the way the brain functions and the physical size of parts of the brain. It is a wound.

Read more:

We need to allow our wounded combat veterans the time and space  that they need to heal from their inner wounds as well as their outer wounds. They need connection. They need healing in their families. They need to learn how to be themselves again. This is all possible especially when we get rid of the stigma and accept the fact that they have been through hell and back and need the time and space to make a full recovery.


Knowing that PTSD is a wound and that it can be treated with hands-on holistic therapies can give hope to many who feel trapped by the stigma of PTSD.

Hope. There are safe places that help facilitate the healing journey and the WW-SAD Restoration Center will be one of them. Not just for the wounded veteran but for the whole family.

Please donate to help this dream become a reality.



Thanks to those who have gone before and served with honor. Thanks again, for your service to our wounded warriors.

Devorah will be giving a presentation at VFW 1247 in Grand Junction. This will take place on  June   15 at 6 PM at the VFW location.      For more details on their location, please click here.

Wounded Warriors – SAD organization is excited to partner with Grand Junction’s local VFW 1247 to further serving our wounded servicemen and women with their families. We are so grateful for VFW’s past service and for their continued service to our military who, like them, have served honorably and are in need of restoration.

If you are in the area, please stop by and find out more about how you can help!

We hope to be presenting our mission  in many of our area VFW posts. Please, if you are a member of a VFW, contact us at (970) 210-9638.    Devorah England


We want to come alongside and serve wounded warriors and their families and help them to become even greater overcomers!

This current news story is just one of tens of thousands of examples out there of who we want to serve at the Wounded Warriors-SAD Restoration Center.



Click here for the full story of a young man with five kids who served three tours in Iraq and his struggle to survive here stateside.

We are now T minus 14 days from the auction of the property in Crawford. Although we’ve had some interesting possibilities present themselves, we are yet to pull in much of the finances that will be necessary to begin the vital work at the Wounded Warriors Restoration Center.

This place of scenic beauty will offer a respite for the souls, minds, and bodies of many wounded servicemen and servicewomen and their families.

Much work has been done towards the acquisition of the property. In fact, the owners are willing to work with us and have accepted our initial offer. That being said, we need your donations to put us over the top to meet our current minimal operating expenses and to put down the $10,000 earnest money.

Please help us with your prayers and generous donations. The timing is crucial and we want to be faithful to our mission of assisting in the healing journey of our wounded military and their families.

Time is ticking away, into the future. In order to make the WW-SAD Restoration Center a reality, we must pray and we must give what we can without delay.



Yeah, it’s a sweet spot for sure!

We're so excited about becoming a part of this beautiful community!

With mountain views, high-country recreation and farm vistas that will take your breath away, our wounded past and present military members will be blown away by the natural beauty at the Wounded Warriors – SAD  Restoration Center. Sure you could go to wikipedia and try to get a feel for this quaint, gorgeous little town. Click here for the encyclopedic approach.  But, what we’re really excited about is getting to know more of the people in Crawford.

This truly is a beautiful spot to revive the soul & spirit!

We’ve already met a few and all have pledged their support, prayers, and excitement about the potential of hosting our wounded sons and daughters in their hometown. This is the kind of place that gets in your blood. It’s not just the scenery or the adventures; it’s the whole package.  This package would not be complete with the caring community and townspeople in Crawford.

We’ve always been met with the utmost hospitality and care in our visits there and look forward to our potential relocation and service to the community.   We’ll be meeting the community and the press on June 12, at five PM.  If you are local, please join us at 44474 Needle Rock Road in Crawford.

We’ll be doing a Meet & Greet and a presentation on all that is going on at the lodge for Wounded Warriors Sons & Daughters of America.  Promptly at five, we’ll serve a light salad bar buffet, followed by tours at 530 PM. Following that, we’ll commence a short presentation and Q & A. Come prepared to share in the vision and goals of the Wounded Warriors Restoration Center.

We’re looking forward to spending time with the great community of Crawford, CO!


This effort is a lot like a puzzle…

Everyone brings a different piece of the puzzle. This will take so many of us willing to pour out our gifts, talents, resources for this vision to become a reality.

So, here we are after weeks of excited meetings & talks. Hours spent on the phone. Hours of labor by volunteers seeking to fund-raise, write grants,  prepare  the business plan, and begin on the many processes meant to get the WW – SAD Restoration Center up and running. The pieces of this puzzle are so many and could become overwhelming if it weren’t for the fact that you and others will help us move forward in honoring and assisting our wounded military personnel.

Just as an one example of the depth of preparation needed, WW-SAD is currently connecting with local farmers in an effort to meet our goal of not only being a sustainable farm/ranch in the future; but also recognizing the need to buy local first when it comes to making delicious and nutritious meals at the WW-SAD Restoration Center. We cannot settle for second best for those who’ve served in our military and it’s important that we hit the ground running on giving our troops fresh, local fare while seeking to improve the local economy as well.

Nothing tastes as good as local, farm-fresh food! Looking forward to collaborating with local farms that deliver great products!


As we move forward, please know that we are researching, fund-raising, creating media to advance our cause, doing presentations, getting to know the community, preparing the programming, planning changes needed to the property, and praying. We’re giving it our best shot.

Do you know of a way you can come alongside?

We need your support, sweat equity, prayers, donations, creativity, whatever you have to give to our wounded sons & daughters!