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We've been told that a good way to understand the experience of PTSD is the analogy of "The Incredible Hulk". Suddenly, without your permission, you are transformed into someone you don't want to be.

Daniel Carpenter, a distinguished member of our board, shared a bit of the story of his own personal struggles with PTSD and other combat injuries just a few months ago. We’ve been so busy working on getting this project up and running that we haven’t taken the time to share his compelling experiences.

It’s time to get the word out on what PTSD does on a personal level in our combat wounded veterans. This blog and part two of the same will open your eyes to the reality that hundreds of thousands of combat veterans wrestle with every day. His story is just one of millions that could be told about the horrors of PTSD and other injuries and how they wreak havoc in lives.

Daniel is well on the way toward healing and is planning to support the healing of others, like him, who feel like the “Incredible Hulk.” He feels that his work with WW-SAD will give him the chance to give back to others who are just beginning their healing journey.

Here are a few things to give you some understanding of what Daniel means. In the next Incredible Hulk blog, we’ll tell about Daniel’s overwhelming and distressing experience with PTSD by sharing excerpts of our interview. As always, stay tuned!

Daniel sent me this clip to help me understand a little of what PTSD is like: Click here to view.

If you’ve never seen this movie, you should be aware that powerful rage overtakes Dr. David Banister and despite his best efforts to control this rage that it turns him into a different person. He always seems to hurt the ones that he loves. This is the daily and very real struggle that many of our servicemen and servicewomen returning from the conflicts all over the globe experience daily.

This inability to control oneself affects their relationships, families, careers- basically it tends to wreak havoc in every possible social sphere. Check out the next in this series next week when we delve into Daniel’s personal and heartbreaking story. Join us in realizing that there is much to be done to confront this problem and to give our wounded combat veterans the fighting chance to enjoy life with their families.


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