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Many people have heard of the children’s book series, “A Series of Unfortunate Events.” What we expect here at Wounded Warriors – Sons & Daughters of America are a series of inspired and amazing miracles. Our mission demands this.

It’s not just the fundraising or program development. It’s definitely not just the renovations or staff development. Yes, all of these are miracles. What we keep in mind as our driving force is that we expect a series of miracles when the Wounded Warriors Restoration Center is open. These miracles will take place in the lives of wounded combat veterans and their families. We challenge you to remember that everything that you give whether it be your prayers, time, or money make you a part of these miracles.

This is a challenge because completing a vision takes risk. It takes braving the HUGE possibility of failure. It takes the ability to see the many opportunities along the way.

Many of the wounded combat veterans that we meet want to believe that the Wounded Warriors Restoration Center will become a reality. We join them in this belief.

This hope that we have in our vision takes faith. Faith is the substance of things hoped for and the evidence of things not seen. We see our work rescuing lives. We see our work restoring families. We see our work helping wounded servicemen and women understand their importance to society and to their families. We see our work restoring a sense of destiny and purpose to lives broken by the effects of combat.

Fulfilling this vision takes momentum. It will occur by many people becoming involved in every step of the way. Our mission now is to build the Restoration Center and raise the funds to be debt free as we purchase the land and make renovations. You can be a part of that miracle. Please pray and please consider donating to the cause.


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