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As you continue to tune in to this blog, you’ll find that we are passionate about helping our wounded get from frenetic to fine. PTSD affects the very core of an individual.

The Military PTSD Ribbon: Remember our military who have served honorably in combat . Many of those returning come bearing the inner scars of PTSD.

We found this great video today that details some of the effects of PTSD. We’ll be posting more on this site because we all need to know how to reach out and make a difference when it comes to PTSD. How many of us have neighbors who have returned from serving our country in combat? We need to understand them so that we can come alongside and support. They gave of themselves to protect our freedoms and now we can return the favor. Click here to watch this video to learn more about the invisible effects of war:

Remember, for our wounded warriors “FINE is a journey.” Getting to fine takes daily perseverance and family and friends who come alongside. ¬†That’s what we here at WW-SAD aspire to do in a year-round retreat setting. More info to come.

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