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Devorah England –

Meet Devorah England

Executive Director & Co-Founder

Wounded Warriors-Sons and Daughters of America 

Just a part of Devorah’s beautiful and growing family!

Devorah England is, first and foremost, the mother of four children and was the wife of Rod England before he passed in 2010.  Devorah and her husband Rod co-founded Wounded Warriors – Son and Daughters of America in 2004 after their oldest son was severely-injured in Iraq.

Because of Robert’s injuries and Rod’s battle with cancer, Devorah spent several years researching and putting into practice her knowledge of a organic fresh and raw diet. During this time Devorah was also introduced to high quality food grade essential oils, and has used them extensively.

Devorah spent months of time helping Robert in his recovery from his injuries.  (Got to our Heroes page for more of Robert’s story.) As she spent time with Robert, and with families of other wounded military, she became very knowledgeable in the whole subject of trauma and injuries, both mental and physical.

After Rod passed away in February of 2010, Devorah spent the next two years doing extensive research on PTSD, the causes and treatments.  Realizing during this time that she was on her own healing journey, Devorah experienced holistic and  alternative therapies.  These treatments include the “Mechaseh” or calming rooms used in Shiloh, Israel, and elsewhere for the Israel Defense Force in Israel, and also the Synchronicity Wave System presented to her by Dr. Chris Kauffman from Bayfield, Colorado.  Being able to experience the Synchronicity System not only helped with the trauma of Rod’s passing but also helped with headaches caused by a brain injury suffered by Devorah years earlier.

Devorah has served in various professional capacities and started her multi-faceted career with a degree in Computer Information Systems and Business Programming. She functioned as an office administrator for manufacturing companies and a laser programmer for Coors Ceramics in the past. Between 2000 and 2010 Devorah was also a Certified Traffic Control Supervisor(TCS) on Federal, State and local levels.  Devorah was responsible for the safety programs for road construction projects throughout Colorado.  As a TCS Devorah was responsible for all safety issues for the traveling public, her own flagging employees and the construction crew.  Devorah supervised and provided the documentation for safety procedures needed for each project.   In August of 2010 Devorah resigned her position to become the full time care giver for her husband Rod.

Devorah’s home life has always been spent in the outdoors with her farm animals. Always looking for organic fresh food for Rod and Robert, the farm life opened the doors for the use of a variety of different animals.  Devorah and Rod raised goats for milking and lambs for meat.  They also had chickens for fresh eggs and horses for long therapeutic rides together.  The two Great White Pyrenees were great guard dogs for all the livestock and loyal companions to Devorah and Rod.

(Taken the day of our video shoot.) If you haven’t seen our video already, please take six minutes of your life to better understand our cause. Go to video page and enjoy!

In the last two years Devorah has seen and experienced many things that have brought clarity for the goals of the Wounded Warriors – SAD Restoration Center.  Devorah firmly believes that God has brought her though these circumstances and to these places of learning so that she can help others in their healing process.

As Devorah will humbly tell you, “The program for the Wounded Warriors – SAD  Restoration Center has been in development for many years.” Her experiences have only served to prepare her for such a time as this. It is time to create a specifically dedicated healing retreat for our wounded sons and daughters.






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