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The mission of Wounded Warriors SAD Restoration Center is to creat an environment that responsive to the needs of disabled veterans and their families using holistic therapioes that focus on  physical, emotional, spiritual and social healing.

The Restoration Center will utilize alternative natural healing techniques and therapies that address PTSD synptoms in a mountain setting.    The property is a 15,000 square foot lodge  with 16 rooms nestled in the mountains of Crawford Colorado.  The 94 acre property is situated on the Smith Fork River featuring one of the best fly-fishing areas in the nation.  Therapies will include Safe-Haven rooms, Aromatherapy, Equine Therapy, and numerous other wellness technologies.



1) The wounded vetern must have fought in the global War  on Terrorism, iany branch of the military.  This includes Afghanistan, Iraq and/or any other battle field fought on to eradicat terrorism.

2) If discharged, the disabled veteran must have received a full honorable military discharge.

3) All discharged disabled veterans must submit a DD214 (discharge) form and Medical Evaluation Board (MEB) document.  All wounded military personnel not yet discharged must submit a MEB and supply their unit Commander’s name and telephone number.


Please fill form out and email to:

or mail to: Wounded Warriors – SAD

                      PO Box 23003

                      Glade Park CO, 81523





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