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Mission Statement


Wounded Warriors – Sons and Daughters of America was founded specifically to help the disabled of our nation’s Armed Forces; those who have paid a life-altering price for the freedom that we all too often take for granted.

Wounded Warriors – Sons and Daughters of America is dedicated to the notion that there are still many in this nation that appreciate what these brave men and women have done for us, and would be willing to help if given the opportunity to do so.

Our mission is to offer encouragement and support through the following programs:

1) Wounded Warrior – SAD Restoration Center – A six day family retreat program featuring  holistic therapies; a safe haven in a secluded, pristine setting  which offers an environment of  healing and espirit de corps.

2) Wounded Warrior – SAD Grants – Monetary aid to ease the financial burdens experienced while waiting for the government’s complicated compensation process to begin.

3) Wounded Warrior – SAD Scholarships – Provide financial assistance for those veterans interested in pursuing further education.

Wounded Warriors – Sons and Daughters of America would gratefully accept any contributions whether they be financial or service-oriented to further this cause.  All proceeds go directly to helping injured veterans and their families.

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