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Our thanks goes out to Larry Kontour, the District 11 Commander of the American Legion unit located in Crawford, Colorado, for carrying the torch for Wounded Warriors – Sons & Daughters of America all the way to the state meeting on June 30th!

He’ll be presenting our video and explaining about where we are and where we are going. Our hope is that this opens up many opportunities for presentations and for those who’ve gone before to pour donations of resources back into the next generations of warriors returning home in need of healing.

Wounded Warriors – Sons and Daughters of America thank you for your service, Larry, and we thank your fellow American Legion members for their ongoing service to the community. You are truly making a huge difference in the lives of many people!



Yeah, it’s a sweet spot for sure!

We're so excited about becoming a part of this beautiful community!

With mountain views, high-country recreation and farm vistas that will take your breath away, our wounded past and present military members will be blown away by the natural beauty at the Wounded Warriors – SAD  Restoration Center. Sure you could go to wikipedia and try to get a feel for this quaint, gorgeous little town. Click here for the encyclopedic approach.  But, what we’re really excited about is getting to know more of the people in Crawford.

This truly is a beautiful spot to revive the soul & spirit!

We’ve already met a few and all have pledged their support, prayers, and excitement about the potential of hosting our wounded sons and daughters in their hometown. This is the kind of place that gets in your blood. It’s not just the scenery or the adventures; it’s the whole package.  This package would not be complete with the caring community and townspeople in Crawford.

We’ve always been met with the utmost hospitality and care in our visits there and look forward to our potential relocation and service to the community.   We’ll be meeting the community and the press on June 12, at five PM.  If you are local, please join us at 44474 Needle Rock Road in Crawford.

We’ll be doing a Meet & Greet and a presentation on all that is going on at the lodge for Wounded Warriors Sons & Daughters of America.  Promptly at five, we’ll serve a light salad bar buffet, followed by tours at 530 PM. Following that, we’ll commence a short presentation and Q & A. Come prepared to share in the vision and goals of the Wounded Warriors Restoration Center.

We’re looking forward to spending time with the great community of Crawford, CO!


What If?

Wounded Warriors-Sons & Daughters of America (WW-SAD) has been busy for most of the last 8 years providing financial assistance to America’s wounded as they make the transition from active duty service through convalescence and to their eventual place in society. It is not uncommon for many of these families to become financially disadvantaged during this process.

Unbelievably, soldiers who are medically discharged are not provided with a living stipend, and generally wait 6-12 months before receiving disability checks, causing tremendous hardship for these soldiers and their families.  During this time, most soldiers face mounting bills, risk of losing their homes, their transportation and – sadly – their family’s way of life.  It is during this period that the efforts of Wounded Warriors matter most.
So, our vision has expanded to not just include meeting financial needs, but we know that there is so much to be done to facilitate physical, emotional, and social healing. As our organization has worked hard to meet the financial needs of our wounded servicemen, servicewomen and their families, we’ve noted a profound need for deep healing from PTSD and other war-time related disorders. Today in the United States twenty to thirty percent of our servicemen and women are returning home annually with combat related PTSD.
  • America’s wounded and their families had a retreat center dedicated to restoration therapies and wellness strategies?
  • The staff and volunteers at this facility were caring and empathetic offering a safe space to heal?
  • This retreat were located in unparalleled natural beauty and brought people’s hearts and spirits back to the land?
  • There was ongoing outreach to follow-up and bring families back to continue their healing journey?
We believe we’ve located the perfect spot for this “what if” in beautiful northwestern Colorado.