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We hope that you all had as much fun celebrating the many freedoms that we still enjoy here in the United States of America as we did. Devorah,  Daniel Carpenter and their families joined the 4th of July parade which is a cornerstone of the Cherry Days Festival held annually in Paonia, CO.

It was so great to enjoy the parade, meet people and be engulfed in the overwhelming positive support coming from the community for the project.

Here’s a look at some of the highlights of the day!

Daniel Carpenter, our honorable wounded warrior, helping get our float set up. Thanks for your service, Daniel!


Thank you, Devorah, for the faith to keep us all moving forward in pursuit of our big vision.


We just returned from an exciting day of strategizing and working towards the fulfillment of the vision. Website, fundraising meetings, grants, real estate deals… so many details, so much work… but all so worth it. There is so much excitement building as we work to fulfill the mission of Wounded Warriors: SAD. People in the community are so excited. Everything is supposed to be hush-hush, but community members are coming out of the woodwork to volunteer, support, and help fund-raise.


This is the "honor roll" painted on the side of a restaurant in the center of Crawford, detailing hundreds of those who served in World War II.

Here's the plaque detailing the honorable service of these men. This community will surely honor our wounded as they come to the WW-SAD Health Retreat

We are proud to become  a part of a beautiful community with such a rich heritage of service to their country. Crawford, Colorado is a piece of America that many people think existed in the fictional past. The people there are dedicated to freedom and service. Our hope is that the Wounded Warriors Health Retreat is a bright shining star in their midst.