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Meet Ronie Kendig, who has turned her passion for wounded warriors and their healing into a stellar book series titled "Discarded Heroes"


Ronie Kendig, who writes self-proclaimed “rapid-fire fiction” has written some amazing books that will really be a help to veterans and their families who are seeking to heal from the aftermath of combat. Kalvin Evans, our program director, has read the first three and highly recommends them to wounded warriors who like to read as a way to process their experiences.

We here at Wounded Warriors – Sons and Daughters of America strongly believe that facilitating a healing journey means that we use whatever high quality tool that comes our way and these books are incredibly insightful and fun to read!

Ronie Kendig has done a stellar job in her “Discarded Heroes” series to tell the stories that need to be told. They will not only help many understand what it is like for those suffering from PTSD, TBI, and other war-related injuries, but they will give hope to those who are experiencing the injuries first-hand.

Check out her site for more info and to purchase her books:

Click here for Ronie Kendig’s bio.