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Just a note of thanks to the many community leaders, families, and wonderful people who came out to the Wounded Warriors – SAD Restoration Center open house this past Tuesday evening. We are overwhelmed by the support and interest.

Thank you  for finding out what is getting ready to happen at the Wounded Warriors Restoration Center and for investing in our wounded military veterans and their families’ cause.

We are so grateful that we have been called to this community and so appreciate the many offers to volunteer and come alongside with donations of money, time, energy, and most of all, LOVE!

We are now T minus 14 days from the auction of the property in Crawford. Although we’ve had some interesting possibilities present themselves, we are yet to pull in much of the finances that will be necessary to begin the vital work at the Wounded Warriors Restoration Center.

This place of scenic beauty will offer a respite for the souls, minds, and bodies of many wounded servicemen and servicewomen and their families.

Much work has been done towards the acquisition of the property. In fact, the owners are willing to work with us and have accepted our initial offer. That being said, we need your donations to put us over the top to meet our current minimal operating expenses and to put down the $10,000 earnest money.

Please help us with your prayers and generous donations. The timing is crucial and we want to be faithful to our mission of assisting in the healing journey of our wounded military and their families.

Time is ticking away, into the future. In order to make the WW-SAD Restoration Center a reality, we must pray and we must give what we can without delay.