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What If?

Wounded Warriors-Sons & Daughters of America (WW-SAD) has been busy for most of the last 8 years providing financial assistance to America’s wounded as they make the transition from active duty service through convalescence and to their eventual place in society. It is not uncommon for many of these families to become financially disadvantaged during this process.

Unbelievably, soldiers who are medically discharged are not provided with a living stipend, and generally wait 6-12 months before receiving disability checks, causing tremendous hardship for these soldiers and their families.  During this time, most soldiers face mounting bills, risk of losing their homes, their transportation and – sadly – their family’s way of life.  It is during this period that the efforts of Wounded Warriors matter most.
So, our vision has expanded to not just include meeting financial needs, but we know that there is so much to be done to facilitate physical, emotional, and social healing. As our organization has worked hard to meet the financial needs of our wounded servicemen, servicewomen and their families, we’ve noted a profound need for deep healing from PTSD and other war-time related disorders. Today in the United States twenty to thirty percent of our servicemen and women are returning home annually with combat related PTSD.
  • America’s wounded and their families had a retreat center dedicated to restoration therapies and wellness strategies?
  • The staff and volunteers at this facility were caring and empathetic offering a safe space to heal?
  • This retreat were located in unparalleled natural beauty and brought people’s hearts and spirits back to the land?
  • There was ongoing outreach to follow-up and bring families back to continue their healing journey?
We believe we’ve located the perfect spot for this “what if” in beautiful northwestern Colorado.