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This was just one of the many questions posed at Wounded Warriors – Sons and Daughters  first Open House on June 12, 2012. A delightful little girl stood up and asked  this question because she was so excited about  our desire to offer different types of animal therapy.

Wish you could have looked into her eyes as she related her own personal experience with her hamster, Buddy. She shared that she was sick and just so very unhappy. “I went over to see him, and I just picked him up and I cuddled with him. I was like, ‘Buddy!’  I felt so much better!”

Even hamsters (like Buddy) have much to give in the way of love.

She shared that we really needed small animals for the kids to cuddle with when they come with their families.  We at Wounded Warriors – Sons and Daughters consider this to be important, that  rabbits and other small animals are definitely in order.