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Many times in life when there is something worth doing it can be a lot like the growth of Chinese bamboo.

Do you know how long it takes Chinese bamboo to grow? It’s about five years for it to grow around sixty feet. I know that may not seem impressive. But, consider this: It doesn’t seem to grow at all for the first four years. Imagine watering a tiny sprout for four years.


Do we have the patience to follow through on a vision when it seems that nothing is happening?


Click Here to watch this beautiful and inspiring video for more insight into this phenomenon. (Runtime: 2:41)

So, here’s our thought process. There is a reason that wounded military veterans and their families cannot simply come to the Wounded Warrior’s Restoration Center for a week’s retreat and then never come alongside them again. We are entering into process with these individuals and their families. We will follow-up one week after their initial experience, and then reach out to them on a monthly basis. They will be invited to return as alumni. This is an investment in people’s lives- not a quick fix 5-step program.

Devorah England, our Executive Director, is emphatic about this part of our programming. There is no quick fix involved in healing from the effects of war. Our follow-up process will be synonymous with the watering, fertilizing, and care needed for the growth of bamboo. Even if immediate results are not seemingly visible, they will come after careful tending. Our work is meant to be deep and life changing.

If bamboo takes four years to form its extensive root system, what does it take for a human being to heal and change their life?