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Just what is a Machesah Healing Room?

Take a deep breath and imagine with me for a moment. Imagine a room that is devoid of any irritations or stressors. Imagine a healing space that is designed for calming and to stimulate the central nervous system to help reverse the effects of trauma. Imagine entering this area and feeling almost as if you were in the womb- safe and protected.

The Snoezelen Multi-Sensory Environment space is colorful and explores all of the senses, allowing the brain and central nervous system to deeply relax and heal.

The meaning of “Machesah” is simply a safe haven. Our executive director, Devorah England discovered this concept and technology while travelling in Israel. She spent some time at the Shiloh Therapy Center in Shiloh. This center is dedicated to helping families, children, and soldiers to have the resources they need to heal from PTSD and other wounds of terrorist attacks and wartime stressors.

When Devorah entered the Machesah healing room in Shiloh, she felt as if she immediately transcended the    worries, concerns, and stressors of the day. She was able experience the gentle music, swaying colors, and healing visual stimuli and activities and allowed her brain and body to decompress. She heard the stories of people whose lives had been changed by their time there. Her vision as executive director of Wounded Warriors – Sons and Daughters of America is that the Wounded Warrior Restoration Center would use this same technology to be a part of the healing therapies offered to help restore families and save the lives of wounded warriors. This therapy has proven to be especially helpful for combat wounded who are dealing with PTSD and TBI.

The technology used in the Machesah room was invented by two Dutch scientists nearly twenty years ago. Their research led them to discover that a multi-sensory environment allows for a complete rewiring of brain circuits in brain-injured and brain-traumatized patients. They also found that it heightens relaxation and creates a deep sense of grounding in those who do not live with the symptoms of trauma. Click here to find out more about the Snoezelen Multi-Sensory Environment.  

Wounded Warriors – Sons & Daughters of America is currently in process to secure a Snoezelen system and training via grants and fundraising.



What more can be said here?

Let me just say it again:  JULY 15th IS OUR CLOSING DATE!

We need your help to secure this property so that we can move forward with preparing the property and programming for our wounded combat veterans and their families.

We are committed to bringing $2.4 million to the table in just a few weeks. We have a ways to go. Grants have been applied for, presentations made, presentations scheduled and more grants to go. This is a grassroots effort as well. Can you come alongside? Can you donate of your resources and time? Can you pray for the miracles that are needed to see this vision come to fruition?

Thanks for your help! Our wounded servicemen and servicewomen and their families deserve a place to come and be served. Be a part of the vision.

They chose to serve….


This week has been busy with lots of desk work and it was great to get out into the local area to promote the vision. Every visit with local & national government and VA authorities yielded great advice, contacts, and excitement for the project. Here’s an overview of the day (May 23,2012) :

Senator Mark Udall's representatives were so excited about the project. They quickly grasped what this healing retreat will do for our wounded and their families and they believe that it is good for Colorado.

Talking with Senator Udall’s representatives was especially exciting because they really got the scope of the project. There is not to our knowledge a wellness retreat center dedicated to supporting our Wounded Warriors and their families. They were empathetic to the need. Jerry Oetero, Udall’s representative, could not emphasize enough his excitement for this project to be up and running yesterday.  We are so grateful for their solid support to help us identify more grants to further our fund-raising momentum. Thanks to Senator Udall for having such quality people on his team and supporting our troops. It was clear that they were not willing to just talk a good game. They wanted to get involved in the project.

We so appreciate the specific help that Congressman Scott Tipton's talented staff brought to the forefront. This is an effort that will truly take a team.

Devorah also swung by Congressman Scott Tipton’s office. Richard Schoenradt, Tipton’s field representative, put his support squarely behind what he called “a great endeavor.” Contacts and advice flowed freely. We are so appreciative of these efforts to come alongside and help us to support our wounded in their healing journey. Thanks to Congressman Tipton and his staff for their enthusiasm and for supporting us with tangible actions.

Devorah England,  our  Exucutive Director  also stopped by MBC Grand Broadcasting, Inc. in Grand Junction to get our advertising and promotional efforts together for Memorial Day weekend and beyond.  She also spent time with a local accountant who is willing to work with us with his connections for specific fundraising efforts.

Devorah spent some time at the VA in Grand Junction and were rewarded with a plethora of local contacts: those who need our services and those who will come alongside and support the formation of the Wounded Warrior – SAD Restoration Center.