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Anyone who served even just weeks in the military is familiar with the adage, “Hurry Up & Wait!”

It’s the military way. You rush to prepare the logistics for your mission and then, well, you wait for the action. You fill out your paperwork and then you realize that your move to another station has been delayed. You hurry to prepare for your deployment to a combat zone.  Then wait for your return trip home  that can be rescheduled for another wait.

Whoever says that patience is a virtue, has never served in the military. Our military members hurry up and wait everyday.

Worse yet, you could be hurried to a hospital with a life threatening injury and made to wait for months for the disability payments you need to care for your family. These are all real scenarios that are occuring for our military personnel everyday.

For those that return with life-altering wounds such as limb loss; Traumatic Brain Injury; the effects of toxic chemical exposure; Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder; and other injuries- They find that they are left fighting and waiting for treatments.

Here’s where we identify with hurrying up just to wait a bit longer. Our project and mission are huge. It takes momentum to move towards completion and yet in our spirits, we here at Wounded Warriors – Sons & Daughters of America believe that that both the hurrying up and the waiting are an important part of establishing the Wounded Warriors Restoration Center.

We are not static in our waiting. We are writing grants; talking with organizations; networking; getting the word out locally and nationally; connecting with locals and preparing programming.

Our waiting will not be in vain. Those families that are waiting to attend the Wounded Warriors Restoration Center will  be blessed by all the efforts of our staff, volunteers, and the many organizations and private donors that have chosen to support this vital work.

Help us to hurry up by donating towards this worthy cause! Thanks for your prayers and support!



The mailbags aren't full yet, but we are encouraged when we hear from each of you. Thanks so much for this heartfelt letter. It keeps us moving forward in pursuit of our vision to save lives and facilitate healing for our wounded military and their families.

Hello Devorah and Kalvin,

Just now I discovered your website and have been gratified to read about your fund-raising efforts to create a healing retreat for Wounded Warriors. Your stories are very touching and inspirational; I write to congratulate you on your vision and wish you success in this sacred project. I regret that I am not in a position to help you financially; all I can send you at this point are prayers and hope.

As we know all too well, there are many wounded warriors among us. I am married to one. Stephen returned from Vietnam with a severed thumb, Purple Heart and a case of PTSD that was only diagnosed a couple years ago. We are fortunate that he received good counsel which enabled him to jump through the VA hurdles, obtaining a 100% disability rating. Many others are not so lucky.

The VA hospitals provide much needed medical care, but seem to have little to offer in the way of treatment for PTSD, which is why centers like the one you are trying to put in place are so needed and important.

When – not if – your retreat center is built, we would love to come and see it. Although we live in Minnesota, we have family in Colorado and visit as frequently as possible.

If you have an e-mail or snail mail list, I would appreciate it if you would please put us on it and keep us informed of your progress.

Wishing you success in your mission and sending gratitude for all that you’re doing.


Many people have heard of the children’s book series, “A Series of Unfortunate Events.” What we expect here at Wounded Warriors – Sons & Daughters of America are a series of inspired and amazing miracles. Our mission demands this.

It’s not just the fundraising or program development. It’s definitely not just the renovations or staff development. Yes, all of these are miracles. What we keep in mind as our driving force is that we expect a series of miracles when the Wounded Warriors Restoration Center is open. These miracles will take place in the lives of wounded combat veterans and their families. We challenge you to remember that everything that you give whether it be your prayers, time, or money make you a part of these miracles.

This is a challenge because completing a vision takes risk. It takes braving the HUGE possibility of failure. It takes the ability to see the many opportunities along the way.

Many of the wounded combat veterans that we meet want to believe that the Wounded Warriors Restoration Center will become a reality. We join them in this belief.

This hope that we have in our vision takes faith. Faith is the substance of things hoped for and the evidence of things not seen. We see our work rescuing lives. We see our work restoring families. We see our work helping wounded servicemen and women understand their importance to society and to their families. We see our work restoring a sense of destiny and purpose to lives broken by the effects of combat.

Fulfilling this vision takes momentum. It will occur by many people becoming involved in every step of the way. Our mission now is to build the Restoration Center and raise the funds to be debt free as we purchase the land and make renovations. You can be a part of that miracle. Please pray and please consider donating to the cause.


We here at Wounded Warriors – Sons and Daughters of America want you to know that, with us, sometimes silence means that we are incredibly busy with the incredible mission that we’ve been presented with.

BUSY SIGNAL! So, we've been supremely busy this week and have wonderful things to report. Stay tuned next week for many exciting developments!

There is so much to report. Next week, the news will be flying hot off the press day after day.

We appreciate your prayers. So much is going on and we need the wisdom to navigate each blessing and each challenge successfully.