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What more can be said here?

Let me just say it again:  JULY 15th IS OUR CLOSING DATE!

We need your help to secure this property so that we can move forward with preparing the property and programming for our wounded combat veterans and their families.

We are committed to bringing $2.4 million to the table in just a few weeks. We have a ways to go. Grants have been applied for, presentations made, presentations scheduled and more grants to go. This is a grassroots effort as well. Can you come alongside? Can you donate of your resources and time? Can you pray for the miracles that are needed to see this vision come to fruition?

Thanks for your help! Our wounded servicemen and servicewomen and their families deserve a place to come and be served. Be a part of the vision.

They chose to serve….


We are now T minus 14 days from the auction of the property in Crawford. Although we’ve had some interesting possibilities present themselves, we are yet to pull in much of the finances that will be necessary to begin the vital work at the Wounded Warriors Restoration Center.

This place of scenic beauty will offer a respite for the souls, minds, and bodies of many wounded servicemen and servicewomen and their families.

Much work has been done towards the acquisition of the property. In fact, the owners are willing to work with us and have accepted our initial offer. That being said, we need your donations to put us over the top to meet our current minimal operating expenses and to put down the $10,000 earnest money.

Please help us with your prayers and generous donations. The timing is crucial and we want to be faithful to our mission of assisting in the healing journey of our wounded military and their families.

Time is ticking away, into the future. In order to make the WW-SAD Restoration Center a reality, we must pray and we must give what we can without delay.



Yeah, it’s a sweet spot for sure!

We're so excited about becoming a part of this beautiful community!

With mountain views, high-country recreation and farm vistas that will take your breath away, our wounded past and present military members will be blown away by the natural beauty at the Wounded Warriors – SAD  Restoration Center. Sure you could go to wikipedia and try to get a feel for this quaint, gorgeous little town. Click here for the encyclopedic approach.  But, what we’re really excited about is getting to know more of the people in Crawford.

This truly is a beautiful spot to revive the soul & spirit!

We’ve already met a few and all have pledged their support, prayers, and excitement about the potential of hosting our wounded sons and daughters in their hometown. This is the kind of place that gets in your blood. It’s not just the scenery or the adventures; it’s the whole package.  This package would not be complete with the caring community and townspeople in Crawford.

We’ve always been met with the utmost hospitality and care in our visits there and look forward to our potential relocation and service to the community.   We’ll be meeting the community and the press on June 12, at five PM.  If you are local, please join us at 44474 Needle Rock Road in Crawford.

We’ll be doing a Meet & Greet and a presentation on all that is going on at the lodge for Wounded Warriors Sons & Daughters of America.  Promptly at five, we’ll serve a light salad bar buffet, followed by tours at 530 PM. Following that, we’ll commence a short presentation and Q & A. Come prepared to share in the vision and goals of the Wounded Warriors Restoration Center.

We’re looking forward to spending time with the great community of Crawford, CO!