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Soldiers attending to serious wounds in Iraq. We must pause to remember our servicemen and women's sacrifices.

As Devorah and Kalvin are out and about promoting the vision of the Wounded Warriors – SAD Restoration Center they’ve found a common thread. So many veterans and family members alike are saying that they wish that there had been something like that for them when they returned from combat. There is almost no one untouched by the effects of war in this nation, and the need for our work is great!

Countless families and relationships have suffered the consequences of the loss of loved ones, or a returning warrior whose silent wounds have scarred their persona and ability to relate to those around them. We seek to work in the effort to restore lives and support families in their journey of healing.

Click here to watch an awesome Memorial Day Tribute. As you watch, consider how you can serve.

We salute those who gave the ultimate sacrifice.

We remember those who have braved many terrors to serve their country.

We honor those whose sacrifices have dealt them personal blows.

We are grateful for those who poured out blood, sweat, and tears on the field of battle.

Please pray for our troops on the ground and those wounded warriors returning who desperately need to heal.

It is our turn to serve our wounded.

Join the cause and donate funds, time, energy & prayers to this project!